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(The “Doctor of Getting “It” Done)

On December 8, 1996 Gloria J. Anderson-Little fell and broke her neck. In August 1997, she was homeless. NOW, she is a Humorist, Psalmist, Preacher, Master Trainer, Author, Radio Personality, TV Show Personality, Empowerment Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Wife, Mother, and, Friend encouraging people around the world, letting them know that they too CAN DO "IT".
Apostle Gloria J. Anderson-Little, (the "Doctor" of getting "IT" done) is a twice ordained minister, and holds a Master’s degree in Pastoral and Church Ministries, and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minors in English, and Sociology. She is the Founder/CVO of A1 Nuts and Bolts Workshops National, and the National Association for Women Abused in Business. She encourages individuals to come into their full potential. She has been bringing the challenging message of hope, and restoration to thousands of people for more than thirty (30) years.
The devotion toward helping people began in 1967 when she became a foster mother to over 20 children over a five (5) year period- of -time. After pursuing, and obtaining her Psychology degree, she became the Director of Social Work for Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, NY (Jesse Nash Center). Here she reached out to the community and developed the first Lead Safe House program that dealt with child lead poisoning. She worked very closely with the doctors and clinics in the area informing them of the dangers of lead poisoning in children. The program is still in effect today.
As a special guest on the Oprah show in October 1997, the show "Die Broke" with Michael J. Fox's father proved to be one of the most popular and requested shows during a twelve (12) month period -of- time and was aired an additional two (2) times that same year. In May of 2004, she was a guest on TBN. This appearance brought her into international recognition and an invitation to be the keynote speaker at a major women's conference in Ghana, Africa. She was also invited to teach some 200 women pastors in India. In 2009 she was requested to become the overseer of 350,000 people in a small nation in Africa. She accepted the challenge. Presently, she is looking forward.
Her relationship series has turned into a book "Girl Get a Grip!...Stop Chasing the Garbage Truck" available on

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