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Gloria strategically selects each and every topic, and carefully places the content together to ensure the audience gets everything they need to leave changed. Her presentations are never repeated, never replicated.

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Leadership Training

NAWAiB's leadership development program training is to clearly define leadership roles, abilities. It also gives you an action plan on how to accomplish your goals. The purpose is to instruct leaders on how to become better agents of change and effective management principles.

Don't Be A Clutter Magnet

Learn how to remove the clutter from your life. I guarantee you that you never thought a conversation with someone could cause you to feel ill! Clutter in your life can make you ill. Find out why. Clean out the things in your life that can and do hinder you from achieving your goals. Did you even consider that those who say they love, and support could be the very ones who are your stumbling blocks?

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Draw Positive People in Your Life

Drawing positive people into your life may seem difficult. I will show you easy steps to draw people who will be a help and not a hinderance in achieving your goals.

Remove Negative People From Your Life

Have you ever wondered why your stress level is so high after talking with someone? Learn how to remove negative people and energy from your life. Then begin to enjoy the freedom and peace of not being stress and causing harm to your mental and physical self. It's easier than you think.

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33 Components of Business Development

Learn how to start your business the right way or enhance your business and take it to another level. Using the 33 components to develop your business, will leave you in "awe" at how fast your business can potentially grow.

"No!" Is A Complete Sentence

Learn the power of "No"! This two-letter word has the power and ability to take you far in life. I can show you how to stop providing a platform for abusive relationships. Regardless of who the relationship is with. Parents, spouses and children can be your worst hindrances.

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When did you lose your toddler determination? Take Your Life Back.

This topic will challenge you to see where you lost your toddler determination. Toddlers have a fierce mentality that says I can do anything.! We will teach you how to gain your determination to acquire any age in life and without having to break the bank to do it.

7 Golden Keys to Getting it back!

Have you ever thought you may have lost "it"? Or perhaps, you never knew what "it" was/is. I will teach you how to "wipe" the "it" off your "but" and become as success. 


Health and Wellness
Smash Your Way to Good Health!

Health and Wellness is a multi-billion dollar industry, promoting products that may, or may not work. We have a product that can organically lower your A1C, blood pressure and can help with men's ED. Also, it is a stress reliever and it can help with weight loss. It is called "Smash Tea". 

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Disclaimer: These products do not claim to diagnosis or cure any illness.

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